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September 10, 2007

BAFAB site ready for October BAFAB Week

The kids are back in school and Halloween candy is being stockpiled in the grocery stores. Yes, it's that time of year again, when one's mind turns naturally to the accumulation of good karma through book-related beneficence. Happily enough, BAFAB Week is just around the corner! The October BAFAB Week begins on October 1st and runs through the 7th.

If you're new to BAFAB, know this: it's easy to participate. Just sit back and evaluate your friends and acquaintances. Which of them, ask yourself, is worthy of being surprised with a book come BAFAB Week? Once you've selected a worthy recipient, head to the nearest book emporium and find some fetching bit of prose (or, I suppose, poetry) that would be just right for that special someone. Then there's the fun bit: when BAFAB Week rolls around, hand it over! Haltingly explain to them that you've given them a gift for BAFAB (or, say it with a BAFAB card or sticker). They'll be dazzled by your thoughtfulness, and you'll wander around for the rest of the day thinking about what a nice person you are.

Bloggers! If you're throwing a BAFAB-related contest, let us know in the comments here at the blog. I'll Twitter news of it to the many people who have subscribed to receive BAFAB-related updates by Twitter.


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Hi Debra!

Once again, I'm playing. And thanks again for starting this program - I truly look forward to it each and every time. :)

Thanks so much, Karen! I'll Twitter your contest right (write) now.

I'll be promoting it this year, too! What fun!

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