Liverpool Football Club Today

Known by the moniker “The Reds”, the Liverpool Football Club, one of England’s Premier League football clubs has come a long way since its inception precisely 123 years ago on the 3rd of June 1892.

Since 1892, the Liverpool Football Club has defied many odds, most notably during the 1970’s, not forgetting the 1980’s when Scottish footballer William “Bill” Shankly along with English footballer Robert “Bob” Paisley led the Reds to seven European trophies and a total of 11 League titles.

Currently holding a value of nine hundred and eighty two million dollars, the Liverpool Football Club is the eighth most valuable club in world rankings in 2015, moving one rank upwards from between 2013 and 2014. As one of the elites it is no surprise that the club has its own rivals in the foot ball world. The Manchester United Football Club is one of the most notorious.

The club however, despite its stories of triumphs that is invisibly imprinted onto the Liverpool Football Club tickets, it is not without its tragedies.

In 1989, during the Football Association Cup Semi-final in Hillsborough between the club and Nottingham Forest, a stadium related disaster occurred in which 96 persons were killed and 766 others were injured. This tragic event has still been heralded as the worst to ever happen in English Sports History and as a result led to modifications of football stadiums throughout the United Kingdom, Wales and Scotland.

As a way to commemorate the lives lost in the Hillsborough disaster, The Liverpool Football crest added flames to both sides of their official crest, and echoing the words of the club’s anthem, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” the gateway to the memorial garden in the Hillsborough Park also is a reminder to the families of the 96 lost that they never will have to.

The Liverpool Football Club, for diverse reasons, is one of the most celebrated and supported clubs in the entire European region. Liverpool fans call themselves the Kopites, and are more than two members strong, not including the unofficial club bases that exist throughout the world. It is no doubt that Liverpool Football Club tickets can appear to be more valuable than gold itself when the football season is on.

Obtaining Liverpool fa cup tickets can be a task since the club has dedicated fans worldwide who are early purchases of their events. This fan base only grows larger as the club tours all over the world during the summertime to engage with their fans and garner the support of new ones.

The Liverpool Football Club is definitely a hard act to follow but one to emulate, as their success and compassionate spirit has marked them forever in sport history.