Top 5 Fastest Hoverboards of 2017

Hoverboards are not just battery-operated toys, they too are great for moving around or even commuting to work. Some just go for a ride to have fun. Unfortunately, most models have speeds that have been capped for safety, so they will only go at around 6 to 8 mph. Luckily, if you desire to have a faster pace, there are hoverboards that carry more speed. They still will not run as fast as a bike, but you can still beat your friends in a race.

The Fastest Hoverboards on the Market Today

Genesis H1 Gemini Hoverboard

If you are not planning to go off-road riding much but still want to go fast, then this is the best board for you. Like the Swagtron T6, it can go up to 12 mph and can travel a total of 10 miles. It is also a good hoverboard for the city, even to get to work. Beyond passing all safety certifications, each and every board’s battery and electrical components are tested thoroughly.

Its 7.5-inch wheels make it smaller than the Swagtron T6, so it is the right size for teens or shorter adults. Adults of average height can still enjoy it, especially its light weight and ease of navigation. It can also connect to your phone or speakers via Bluetooth.

Swagtron T6
Swagtron is one of the first and biggest manufacturers of hoverboards, and they are also known for making the quickest types. With speeds reaching up to 12 mph, this model is strong and sturdy. It can go off road, meaning you can ride on grass, mud, gravel, and even under the rain. This is thanks to its heavy-duty 10-inch tires.

With a Sentry Shield lithium ion battery, UL 2272 Safety Certification and a reliable management system which prevents the board from overheating, it is completely safe as well. It may also connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

Segway miniPRO Self-Balancing Personal Transporter

This hoverboard is not only special because it can travel further than most models (reaching 14 miles) at 10 mph, but it also looks different. It has a padded knee bar that gives you more control and makes it easier to maneuver, which is great for beginners. It has been designed for urban commuters and the mobile app also has a security alarm. You may also remotely control it.

EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter
In terms of speed, this model is not as fast as the other 3, but it is still faster than the rest. You can ride for up to 1 hour and reach 12 mph. It is a rugged and all-terrain model with 8.5-inch alloy wheels and rubber tires. It may not be water resistant, but it also has all necessary safety certifications. It is also bigger in size than the rest of the models out there.

GT Hover GTS Hoverboard
This model is a sporty version that is also fast and has a modern and sleek design. It has a riding range of 10 miles and a speed rate that reaches up to 12mph. What is special about this board is the “No Fall” technology that will balance the board and prevent any clumsy accidents. This is why it is great for beginners. It is also UL 2272 certified and has 3 training modes.

Whether you want to make your daily commute shorter or simply want to race your friends, these 5 hoverboards are the first on your list for the fastest ones out there. Of course, with speeds reaching up to 12 mph, you should make sure you have your safety equipment in case of a fall.