All You Need To Know When You Decide To Buy From A Yacht Broker

When you are shopping for the next boat to buy, it may be an excellent idea for you to work with a professional yacht broker especially if you are the one who is financing the purchase. If you have already purchased a home, then you know just how complicated the entire process is. If you have already purchased a home, then you know just how complicated the entire process is. Purchasing a boat is no different which is why you need to hire the services of a trained and skilled yacht broker who knows the ins and outs of the market. You will have an easier time negotiating the multi-step procedure with a professional who will also guide you through rather than choosing to do all the work on your own. A yacht broker will be able to help you in a number of ways from the financing of the deal, finding the model of your choice as well as when it comes to the managing of taxes and escrow accounts.

The most common mistake that many buyers do is that they find a boat that they may be interested in but instead of hiring a broker to help them with the purchase, they call the broker who made a listing of the boat. When a buyer does this, the only thing that they will be doing is putting themselves into a lot of trouble. Instead of making this mistakes, make use of the following tips to ensure that things go easy on your side.

The entire process is going to begin once the seller of the boat, lists their yacht with a given broker

When the above happens, the seller is going to agree to pay a certain commission to the broker who is selling which is going to be done at the closing phase. Therefore, it is important to understand that even in the early stages, the seller still has some professional representation in the entire transaction process. So now you may be wondering what will happen to you as a buyer. When you decide to pick up the phone and call the listing broker, then this is a way of saying that you are doing the transaction on your own. The best thing for you to do would be to select a broker more preferably a buyers broker who will be able to guide you through the entire process.

How to find the right buying broker?

There are some sites that you may look at like the certified professional yacht broker also known as CPYB. If the broker you are thinking of hiring is a member of this association, then you should be sure that he or she has the skills that are required. These experts are good at what they do, and they are normally asked to prove that they have experience, complete an ongoing training as well as pass an exam.

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We are coming for Gold, Kenya Team says


This post has been sent to us by Robert Korbin. Robert is a sports enthusiast currently working for the HRS fashion outlet selling mainly horse racing caps for men within the sports racing industry. Robert has been following the Rio Olympics and in particular, the Kenyans input to Robert has been following the Rio Olympics and in particular, the Kenyans input to the event.

When it comes to athletics, Kenyans reign supreme and the Rio Olympics are just another arena for them to take our breathe away. The prediction is that Kenya will have a great gold swoop. But the super powers will not take this lying down. Everyone comes to the Olympics to win.

Kenya is predicted to win at least seven gold medals in the Rio Olympics that started on Friday.

Most of them will come from track and field events which begin next Friday with the women’s 10,000 metres final.

The gold medal estimate predicted by athletics experts, including legendary Kipchoge Keino, is based on Team Kenya’s performance at the World Athletic championships in Beijing last year in which the country was top of the athletics table with 16 medals, seven of them gold.

In a survey released on Monday, Goldman Sachs predicted that the world’s top two economies, the US and China, will win the most gold at the games and that Britain will pip Russia to the third spot.

The firm said the US will top the table with 45 golds, followed by China in second place with 36. Britain will get 23 golds and Russia 14, the survey said.

Goldman Sachs said beyond athletic performance, economic success enhances chances of Olympic glory "because a country is likely to produce world-class athletes in a world-class environment."

If there is anyone who is almost supreme as the Kenyan athletics, it has to be the Ethiopians. Everybody around the world enjoys the rivalry between these two nations. It is this rivalry that makes it all worth the while. So the big question is, will Kenya finally overturn Ethiopia’s lucky charm.

RIO DE JANEIRO — On Sunday morning, 160 women will toe the starting line in the famous Sambódromo for the largest Olympic marathon in history.

Leading the way will be the East African nations of Ethiopia and Kenya that have dominated all of the World Marathon Majors in the four years since London. Of the 23 major marathons run since London 2012 (not counting the two world championships in 2013 and ’15) Kenyan women have come out victorious on 14 occasions; Ethiopia has the other nine wins. But despite their success, Kenyan marathon runners have never won Olympic gold.

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As much as Kenya plans to shine, there are some shady circumstances surrounding the team in Rio. With officials being accused of using identification belonging to the athletes.

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — A second Kenyan track and field official was expelled from the Olympics on Thursday after he pretended to be one of the team's 800-meter runners at a doping test and gave a sample in the athlete's name.

The incident may have been the unintended result of the runner, Ferguson Rotich, giving the official his accreditation card so he could have a free breakfast in the athletes village.

Still, the International Olympic Committee opened an investigation after John Anzrah was found with Rotich's Olympic accreditation, and provided the doping sample and signed doping forms in the name of Rotich, Kenyan team leader Stephen Arap Soi said.

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